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An Italian ice cream made with heavy cream and often containing rum, almonds, and maraschino cherries, typically served in small cups.

[After Giuseppe Tortoni (c.1775-c.1864), Neapolitan-born owner of a café in Paris famous for its ice cream.]


(Cookery) a rich ice cream often flavoured with sherry
[from Italian: probably from the name of a 19th-century Italian caterer in Paris]


(tɔrˈtoʊ ni)

rich ice cream containing eggs, heavy cream, chopped cherries, etc., and often topped with crushed almonds or macaroons.
[1940–45; said to be after an Italian café owner in Paris in the 18th century]
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Alfonsina Storni en el Cafe Tortoni, Norah Lange en el Auer's Keller.
Perhaps the most famous place to go is Caf Tortoni, which takes you back to the 1800s with its design, entertainment and service.
Em geral o folhetinista aqui e todo parisiense; torce-se a um estilo estranho, e esquece-se, nas suas divagacoes sobre o boulevard e cafe Tortoni, de que esta sobre um mac-adum lamacento e com uma grossa tenda lirica no meio do deserto [.
La Serenata provided my first taste of veal scallops, of eggplant, Manicotti Parmagiani, cooked shrimp, Biscuit Tortoni.
SWEET HISTORY Brooklyn Biscuit Tortoni Company was born when Karen Coitun and Alan Yaruss, a couple who are both native New Yorkers, were looking for an out-of-the-ordinary dessert to serve for Thanksgiving dinner in 2014.
Con Juan Carlos empezamos a viajar a Buenos Aires y a asistir a las reuniones que se hacian en el Tortoni alrededor de Abelardo Castillo.
8226; Brooklyn Biscuit Tortoni frozen Italian dessert, made with heavy cream, custard and meringue, topped with cookie crumbs and a cherry
Inicialmente este grupo surgio haciendose eco de su homonimo fundado en Buenos Aires (Gomez de Rodriguez Britos, 2001: 39) y que funcionaba en el mitico cafe Tortoni desde 1926.
Contractor address : Galerie Tortoni, 6 bis rue des Carmes
Owned by: Mubarak Saeed Aljafali al-Naimi 2nd race: Impound (Christophe Lemaire) 1, Mudhish 2, Tortoni 3, Ningara 4.
In this last-mentioned piece, Martinez shares with us the dialogue that took place in Buenos Aires' legendary Cafe Tortoni between himself and Chaitin, a distinguished mathematician and philosopher (who spent half his youth in Manhattan and the other half in Buenos Aires), author of The Limits of Mathematics and numerous other books.
It takes two to tango, and in Buenos Aires there are couples everywhere doing it - whether it be on a street corner in La Boca, in the back room of the bohemian Caf Tortoni, or in the swanky surroundings of the iconic Teatro Colon.