torula yeast

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tor·u·la yeast

 (tôr′yə-lə, -ə-lə, tŏr′-)
A protein-rich product made from the yeastlike fungus Candida utilis (formerly Torula utilis), used as a food additive and in animal feed.

[New Latin Torula, former fungus genus, feminine diminutive of torus, bulge.]
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KO-HJIN Life Sciences derives its L-Glutathione through a signature process involving Torula yeast.
Refined sugar, alcohols and torula yeast are also produced as well.
The most commonly used type of yeast for sourcing vitamin D is torula yeast, the name being derived from its biological name, Torulopsis utilis.
Because Haliotis are naturally herbivorous animals with a digestive and enzymatic physiology equipped for processing plant materials, Shipton and Britz (2001) studied the partial and total replacement of fishmeal with selected plant protein sources (soy meal, sunflower meal, torula yeast, corn gluten, and Spirulinu) in diets for H.
The company's fresh-baked Vegekibble for dogs is made of whole wheat and soy flour, corn meal, torula yeast, garlic, vegetable broth and a vegan supplement.
Torula yeast is a high-protein product made from wood sugars as a by-product of the pulping process in papermaking.
Torula yeast or hydrolyzed proteins are the most commonly used lures to monitor populations of A.
The downsizing of Cuba's sugar industry sharply cut the supply of molasses, torula yeast and other valuable nutritional supplements.
capitata in coffee in Hawaii found that the Multilure trap baited with the three-component BioLure significantly outperformed Multilure traps baited with two-component BioLure or Torula yeast, and Phase 4 traps baited with both two- and threecomponent BioLure.
The diet designated WKB+F in this study was similar to the diet described by Marti & Carpenter (2008) except that it contained torula yeast (96 g) instead of brewer's yeast (186 g), 540 g of white kidney beans (instead of 630 g), and 180 g of fishmeal.