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n. pl. to·ri (tôr′ī)
1. Architecture A large convex molding, semicircular in cross section, located at the base of a classical column.
2. Anatomy A bulging or rounded projection or swelling.
3. Botany
a. The receptacle of a flower.
b. A thickened area in the middle of the membrane that connects the pits of tracheids in conifers and certain other gymnosperms.
4. Mathematics A toroid generated by a circle; a surface having the shape of a doughnut. Also called tore2.

[Latin, bulge, knot, torus.]
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n, pl -ri (-raɪ)
1. (Architecture) Also called: tore a large convex moulding approximately semicircular in cross section, esp one used on the base of a classical column
2. (Mathematics) geometry a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle about a coplanar line that does not intersect the circle. Area: 4π2Rr; volume: 2π2Rr2, where r is the radius of the circle and R is the distance from the line to the centre of the circle
3. (Botany) botany another name for receptacle2
4. (Anatomy) anatomy a ridge, fold, or similar linear elevation
5. (Celestial Objects) astronomy a dense ring of gas and dust which surrounds a dying star, containing most of the star's ejected gas
[C16: from Latin: a swelling, of obscure origin]
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(ˈtɔr əs, ˈtoʊr-)

n., pl. to•ri (ˈtɔr aɪ, ˈtoʊr aɪ)
1. a large convex molding, semicircular in profile, commonly forming the lowest member of the base of a column, directly above the plinth.
a. a doughnut-shaped surface generated by the revolution of a conic, esp. a circle, about an exterior line lying in its plane.
b. the solid enclosed by such a surface.
3. Bot. the receptacle of a flower.
4. Anat. a rounded ridge; a protuberant part.
[1555–65; < Latin: literally, strand, thong, raised ridge]
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Noun1.torus - a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circletorus - a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circle
magnetic core, core - (computer science) a tiny ferrite toroid formerly used in a random access memory to store one bit of data; now superseded by semiconductor memories; "each core has three wires passing through it, providing the means to select and detect the contents of each bit"
round shape - a shape that is curved and without sharp angles
2.torus - commonly the lowest molding at the base of a columntorus - commonly the lowest molding at the base of a column
moulding, molding - a decorative strip used for ornamentation or finishing
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n (pl -ri o -ruses) torus m; — palatinus torus palatino
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