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n.1.(Zool.) The grivet.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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After having run for some time at the top of his speed, without knowing whither, knocking his head against many a street corner, leaping many a gutter, traversing many an alley, many a court, many a square, seeking flight and passage through all the meanderings of the ancient passages of the Halles, exploring in his panic terror what the fine Latin of the maps calls tota via, cheminum et viaria , our poet suddenly halted for lack of breath in the first place, and in the second, because he had been collared, after a fashion, by a dilemma which had just occurred to his mind.
Mosadi Tota is non profit making organisation established in 2017 which seeks to empower women and encourage team work among them, networking as well as supporting and fostering growth in the entrepreneurial space.
El lago de Tota es un sistema estrategico en los Andes Nororientales porque brinda agua para potabilizar, sostiene el desarrollo agropecuario e industrial de municipios como Sogamoso, Aquitania y otros (aproximadamente 250 000 habitantes), recibe turismo por su belleza paisajistica por ser el lago de alta montana mas grande del pais.
Nucleya is headed to the UAE for the launch of his second studio album, 'Tota Myna'.
"It's the ability to try a lot of different products and sample them in smaller ounces," Tota said.
In March 2016, in an effort to partner with TOTA and add value to the area, NCWEDD entered into an agreement on the project.
However, all of the wounded peoples including driver of Dotson Qadar Gul resident of Tota khan, Muhammad Arif Shah, Qadar Gul, Mehran Gul and Sahib Gul and four other women were shifted to Dargai Hospital where some of them were reported in critical condition.
Tota tanon Ohkwa:ri is a very popular and long running language based televised puppet show that reinforces healthy themes, cultural teachings and language lessons.
I TOTA TA T LLY LL agree with Sir Y AGREE with Sir Tom Hunter's views on the independence debate in the Record on Thursday.
Bengali actor Tota Roy Chowdary, who is playing a significant role in Vijay-Murugadoss's upcoming film, had earlier revealed the film's interesting storyline.
Siam Cement Group, cement producer from Thailand recorded a tota of Rp4.91 trillion in investment in the country in 2012.