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Noun1.fiber bundle - a bundle of fibers (especially nerve fibers)fiber bundle - a bundle of fibers (especially nerve fibers)
trigonum cerebrale, fornix - an arched bundle of white fibers at the base of the brain by which the hippocampus of each hemisphere projects to the contralateral hippocampus and to the thalamus and mamillary bodies
nerve tissue, nervous tissue - tissue composed of neurons
nervous system, systema nervosum - the sensory and control apparatus consisting of a network of nerve cells
nerve, nervus - any bundle of nerve fibers running to various organs and tissues of the body
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The bed, against the rear wall, occupied two-thirds of the total space of the room.
The park is 1.5km long with 50m wide, and has a total space of 75,000sqm, the MME has said in a statement.
Moreover, Al-Saddiqi also pointed out that the number of public gardens in the country has increased from 144 gardens to 183, with a total space of 3.65 million square meters.
The properties purchased have total space of 1.08 million square feet and a combined occupancy rate of more than 94 per cent.
Whitford's new site offers 78,000 square feet of total space and the manufacturing space is 70 percent larger.
Total space of the warehouse is about 16,000 square metres.
However, the figure is massively skewed by Westfield Stratford City in London, which increased total space in the capital by 10 per cent.
It is the largest single letting at Toronto Square so far and takes the total space let since the beginning of the year to almost 30,000 sq ft.
* At Brunswick Business Park, 2031 Route 130, Denholtz Associates completed a 6,225 s/f lease expansion with Tris Pharma bringing its total space to 43,761 s/f.
Costco, which occupies a little over a fifth of the plaza's total space, is the first tenant to open, bringing 400 new jobs to the area.
LSH's Newcastle office, also tenants in the same building, renegotiated Atkins' existing lease of the third floor to coincide with the terms of the new lease, taking their total space in the building up to 6,568 sq ft.