War to the knife

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mortal combat; a conflict carried to the last extremity.

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It could circle the Earth 120 times DESCENT INTO HELL hits on German ships by British shells at the Battle of Jutland 123 The Germans scored 122 hits in return THE HOME FRONT HOLDING THE FORT Women did vital jobs 80% of shells fired by the British Army were made by women TOTAL WAR 3,000 daily British casualties at the Battle of the Somme END GAME 534 Allied tanks in the final stages of the war.
Each of these disputes did not result in total war.
Summary: The total war seen raging in Syria is in fact drawing to a close.
Total war as the true and only "American Way" of war is an overstatement; however, it is the primary influence on the ways and means that the service develops for a number of reasons, beginning with the birth of the modern American military during World War II.
Having mastered the art of war through historical ages as diverse as the Roman and Napoleonic empires, Total War developers Creative Assembly turn their attentions to the realm of fantasy, picking up the Tolkienesque battlegrounds of Warhammer.
I hope to illustrate the child's important experience of war in Yorkshire due to them so often appearing inconsequentially and as a small part of a bigger picture in the people's war and that children experienced and contributed to the peoples' survival of total war.
He covers two centuries under discussion: historical revisionism; the revolutionary cycle and terror: Britain, France, America; the Bolshevik October, international civil war, and the colonial question; white civil war, international civil war, the American century, and the Second Thirty Years' War; the colonial tradition, total war, and genocide; nostalgia for empire: historical revisionism in Britain; and The Black Book, the communist movement, and the struggle against the three major forms of discrimination.
I am determined to protect our democracy, our national unity and our political stability, by waging a total war against terrorism," Jonathan said in a televised speech to mark Democracy Day.
African leaders have declared total war on Islamic militants who kidnapped 223 schoolgirls in Nigeria.
Total War veterans will know that the campaign map is the visually less demanding part of the game that depicts the entire region within which the game is set.
The Total War series has always been about the balance between small- and large-scale conflict, and Rome II has taken that philosophy to its logical conclusion.
Publish their total war chest funds, money solicited and donated for their campaigns, every year.