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n. pl. Tuareg or Tua·regs
A member of a traditionally Muslim, Berber-speaking people inhabiting the western and central Sahara and western Sahel of northwest Africa.

[Arabic ṭawāriq.]


npl -reg or -regs
1. (Peoples) a member of a nomadic Berber people of the Sahara
2. (Languages) the dialect of Berber spoken by this people


(ˈtwɑ rɛg)

1. a member of a traditionally pastoral people of the Sahara and Sahel, living mainly in Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, S Algeria, and SW Libya.
2. the Berber language of the Tuaregs.
[1815–25; < dial. Arabic ṭawārig]
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Noun1.Tuareg - a member of a nomadic Berber people of the SaharaTuareg - a member of a nomadic Berber people of the Sahara
Sahara, Sahara Desert - the world's largest desert (3,500,000 square miles) in northern Africa
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
2.Tuareg - the dialect of Berber spoken by the TuaregTuareg - the dialect of Berber spoken by the Tuareg
Berber - a cluster of related dialects that were once the major language of northern Africa west of Egypt; now spoken mostly in Morocco
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Because, from Mungo Park, assassinated on the Niger, to Vogel, who disappeared in the Wadai country; from Oudney, who died at Murmur, and Clapperton, lost at Sackatou, to the Frenchman Maizan, who was cut to pieces; from Major Laing, killed by the Touaregs, to Roscher, from Hamburg, massacred in the beginning of 1860, the names of victim after victim have been inscribed on the lists of African martyrdom
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