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The opening in early firearms and cannons through which the powder was ignited.


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a hole in the breech of early cannon and firearms through which the charge was ignited



the vent in the breech of an early firearm through which the charge was ignited.
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While the Newtownes being offered to the public do not have their touch holes drilled and are considered to be non-firing replicas, our test musket from The Rifle Shoppe was considered a "ballistics research instrument" with a drilled touch hole and was ready to bellow with ball or shot.
A flame passes through the touch hole to the main charge.
Remember to always pick the touch hole clean between shots if possible.
Q I am working on a flintlock and need some help in locating the touch hole.
A In regard to the location and site of the touch hole for a flintlock, let's first deal with the location.
In relationship to the pan, the touch hole should normally be located in the center of a line drawn on the side of the barrel across the top of the pan.
Wooden sticks were strapped to iron pipes with one end blocked and a touch hole bored so as to ignite the crude gunpowder mixture.
Where should the touch hole on a flintlock be located relative
If it is located at the bottom of the pan, the priming powder must burn down until it reaches the opening of the touch hole before you will have ignition.
When loading for hunting, place a touchhole pick fully into the touch hole.
This lights a fire in the charge and, because the touch hole is so much smaller than the bore, the majority of the pressure is directed at the bullet, which is sent on its way.