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Noun1.touch typing - typewriting in which the fingers are trained to hit particular keystouch typing - typewriting in which the fingers are trained to hit particular keys; typist can read and type at the same time
typewriting, typing - writing done with a typewriter
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The donation means she can use the iPad to access parts of the curriculum which would otherwise be difficult and the laptop will enable her to learn to touch type.
Children use keyboards more and more so then why should we expect them to learn how to handwrite if they don't do it in their daily life, surely it's a waste of time and we should be teaching them how to touch type and code, not waste their time writing on paper?
At the moment she is learning touch type which is hard as it is, but learning it when you can't see is twice as hard.
1 Mg, Pan Dia 91Mm, Operating Temperature 5 To 40 C, Uniblock Type, Touch Type, Touch Key Calibration Internal Calibration And Window Direct Communication Function.
Perhaps instead of hustings we should have spelling bees and touch type competitions.
Courses will offer dyslexia support via Touch Type Read and Spell software.
Touch type Microsoft Surface 3 (128GB) - PS849 from currys.
I've also had IT training so I can now touch type and email, which is just fantastic.
When I left Oxford all my friends had incredible jobs earning huge amounts of money while I got myself onto a secretarial course and learned how to touch type," said Natasha, who is currently part of the ITV news team.
The arm is so sensitive that Ackland can even touch type on a computer keyboard, peel vegetables and even dress himself for the first time in six years.