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or touch screen  (tŭch′skrēn′)
An electronic device that serves as a display screen and also registers input by detecting the touch of a finger or stylus on its surface.


or touch′ screen`,

a computer display that can detect and respond to the presence and location of a finger or instrument on or near its surface.
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Noun1.touchscreen - a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen
computer display, computer screen - a screen used to display the output of a computer to the user
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However, while touchscreens are commonplace today, touchscreen technology is anything but simple.
para]]maXTouch U Series Delivers World's Best Touch, Moisture and Hover Performance,Supporting Touchscreens Ranging from 1.
The major driving factors for the haptic touchscreens market are the growth of the Smartphones and virtual interfaces.
Washington, Feb 22 ( ANI ): A new survey suggests that kids nowadays play with touchscreens more than toys.
The mXT1188S is optimized for touchscreens up to 12 inches, while the mXT1664S is ideal for touchscreens up to 14 inches.
The new facility can handle up to sixth-generation (1850mm x 1500mm) glass, enabling the efficient production of thinner next-generation touchscreens.
lt;p>'All Touchscreens are Not Created Equal'<p>In order to compare the phones, Moto developed a simple test, which implied drawing lines across the screens of all four phones using a drawing application.
The company said the new PA1575R touchscreen system and PT2275SW touchscreen LCD support its strategic commitment to address the growing use of touchscreens within specialty markets including POS terminals, retail digital signage, point-of-information displays, healthcare check-in stations or government information kiosks.
These trends were evident in a proliferation of new economical compressed-air dryers; increasing use of stainless steel as standard on blenders, feeders, and loaders at little or no extra cost; conveying controls with "plug-and-play" network connectivity and wireless/internet access; and icon-driven color touchscreens everywhere.
New SLIM([R]) Sensor Enables Low-Cost Phones to Include Touchscreens with Popular Gestures; Opens up High-Volume Opportunities for Touchscreens in Low-Cost Markets
The overall Haptic Touchscreens market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 41% from 2013 to 2018.
The touchscreens manufactured at this new facility will be next-generation panels used in organic LED (OLED) display panels.