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(Placename) the former name of Da Nang


or Da Nang

(dəˈnɑŋ, -ˈnæŋ, dɑ-)

a seaport in central Vietnam. 500,000.
Formerly, Tourane.
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indica to germplasm obtained from Tourane, now Da Nang, Vietnam (i19).
We landed for refuelling in coastal Da Nang, which was then called Tourane by the French, who ruled Vietnam as a colony since the 19th Century, until the defeat of the French Foreign Legion and Army by the North Vietnamese Forces in the classic battle of Dien Bien Phu in North Vietnam.
(19.) Etienne Aymonier, "The Chams and Their Religions," in Cham Sculpture of the Tourane Museum: Religious Ceremonies and Superstitions of Champa, ed.
In May 1938, Cao Trieu Phat and Tran Bao Quang opened the Trung Thanh temple in Tourane (Da Nang), gathering Caodaists from up to eighty Caodaist temples across the country.
The atrocities committed by Daesh from Egypt to the Levant, intervention risk in Libya and Yemen, and the blast in the Exxon refinery in Tourane, California, are all bullish data points for crude oil reserves.
Surrounded by a ring of hills and mountain peaks in the interior of Quang Nam province, the brick temples and sandstone sculptures of My Son were first viewed by soldiers and missionaries before being officially--and excitedly--reported to the French colonial authorities by the explorer Camille Paris, in a letter written from Tourane (modern Da Nang) on 23 June 1894 (Paris 1895).
The five had landed near Tourane in a thirty-nine foot launch on March 22, 1942.