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n.1.A spinning wheel.
2.(O.Eng.Law) The sheriff's turn, or court.
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cam Robi "Jo Milk gues ther anyb "H stren stron great Tr guns at th tourn - wit to th wer"He wanted to make sure we had ngth in depth and we had a very ng squad at the time and it was t that we won it."
Besides "Sirb Al-Hamam,' the festival gathered 'Nathira' and 'Tafh El-Kil' (Morocco), 'Wilada' (the UAE), 'Lil Khargi' (Egypt), 'Tourn' (Iraq), 'Shaitan Al-Qaila' (Tunisia), 'Amina' (Syria), 'Youm Bi-Beirut' (Lebanon) and "Dam Al-Thi'ab' (Algeria).
The 2019 Footbal Tourn ann sub thfo GI Inter Games Football Tournament was announced as a substitute for the lack of football at the Gibraltar Island Games.
A analise arquitetural das arvores ajuda a descobrir e examinar parte da historia e qualidade de vida da planta (HALLE; OLDEMAN; TOMLINSON, 1978), e uma ferramenta para encontrar e estabelecer relacoes evolutivas (VESTER, 1999), possui utilidade em estudos taxonomicos (TOURN; BARTHELEMY; GROSFELD, 1999) e ajuda a interpretar a dinamica da comunidade florestal a partir do reconhecimento dos padroes de desenvolvimento da arquitetura das arvores individuais (TORQUEBIAU, 1986; VESTER, 1997; VESTER; CLEEF, 1998).
Conductancia estomatica y asimilacion neta de CO2 en sabila (Aloe vera Tourn) bajo sequia.
Our attitude h been that tourn do not start u group stage over, but w afford to like that We hav found o last co week nev we ab th wnt as always naments until the es are we cannot think again.
This system consists of stirring up the soil only in the sowing furrow (Palma et al., 2010; Botta, Tolon-Becerra, Lastra-Bravo, & Tourn, 2010).
d t m tourn ' ll h He blames the snooker authorities - World Snooker and the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association - saying they have put him in the wrong frame of mind to play.
(11) Gabriel Audisio, translated by Claire Davison, The Waldensian Dissent: Persecution and Survival, c.1170-c.1570 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999); Giorgio Tourn, You Are My Witnesses : The Waldensians Across 800 Years, (Friendship Press, 1989); Paul Tice, History of the Waldenses from the Earliest Period to the Present Time.
Son, por tanto, quienes elevan sus quejas a los Jueces de Paz sobre los abusos de los administradores (Tourn, 2001); quienes se organizan para combatir al enemigo comun (los grupos indigenas sin hacer diferencia en su identificacion etnica); quienes le permiten al Estado usufructuar tierras que, oficialmente, no controla y quienes le brindan el tiempo necesario para organizar la ocupacion militar de la region chaquena.