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But you must think of that lonely death in the tawdry dressing-room simply as a strange lurid fragment from some Jacobean tragedy, as a wonderful scene from Webster, or Ford, or Cyril Tourneur.
Fernand Iveton a rejoint les rangs du FLN durant l'ete 1956 et en novembre, il decida de poser une bombe a l'usine de gaz au Ruisseau (El Hamma), ou il travaillait comme tourneur, a une heure ou l'usine serait deserte pour eviter de faire des victimes.
De Mille, Ernst Lubitsch, Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, Fritz Lang, Max Ophuls, Douglas Sirk, Raoul Walsh, Jacques Tourneur, Josef von Sternberg, Orson Welles, Nicholas Ray, Samuel Fuller, and Jerry Lewis; the origins and development of auteur cinephilia and examples of films capturing sublime moments; and the changing nature of Hollywood and the auteur from the late 1970s, with the rise of directors like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.
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For many, it has seemed that Tourneur aimed to resolve the revenge tragedy's ambivalence about the hero's mental state and moral culpability: revenge in this play becomes justice by leaving the execution to a God who proclaims "Vengeance is mine.
El caso mas intenso es sin duda el de La mujer pirata (Anne of the Indies, Jacques Tourneur, 1951), que constituye un caso insolito en la epoca (Coma, 1994: 158), al proponer como protagonista a una mujer que desempena la funcion de capitan de navio y de lider del grupo de corsarios, si bien abocada a un destino tragico y tutelada por varios hombres veteranos que actuan como consejeros y confidentes.
Whatever their blemishes or merits," the other versions that Borges knew "presuppose a rich (prior) process" with the English calling to John Donne, Shakespeare, and Cyril Tourneur, and the French calling to La Fontaine and Mannequin d'osier, among others .
Siguiendo la estela del exito cosechado, la RKO (Radio-Keith-Orpheum) desarrollo otro conjunto de exitosas peliculas en la decada de los cuarenta como La mujer pantera (Jacques Tourneur, 1942), Yo anduve con un Zombie (Jaques Tourneur, 1943) o El ladron de cadaveres (Robert Wise, 1945).
Films like Rebecca (Alfred Hitchcock, 1940), Raw Deal (Anthony Mann, 1948) and Out of the Past (Jacques Tourneur, 1947) emphasise the contrast between 'good girl' and 'bad girl' within their diegesis by representing both archetypes; it should come as no surprise that the latter is invariably more interesting.
Tanto La noche del demonio (Jacques Tourneur, 1957) como La profecia (Richard Donner, 1976) tienen como protagonistas a un yanqui que se niega a creer en lo sobrenatural.
Em filmes como A Noite do Demonio (The Night of the Demon, Jacques Tourneur, 1957), O Bebe de Rosemary (Rosemary's Baby, Roman Polanski, 1968) e O Exorcista (The Exorcist, William Friedkin, 1973), o diabo e representado fundamentalmente como uma criatura monstruosa, repulsiva e ameacadora, da qual queremos a maior distancia possivel.
He wrote books on Cyril Tourneur (1977) and John Webster (1985), and he was a serious Shakespeare and Nabokov scholar his whole life, from Vladimir Nabokov: A Reference Guide (G.