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Noun1.clock tower - a tower with a large clock visible high up on an outside faceclock tower - a tower with a large clock visible high up on an outside face
tower - a structure taller than its diameter; can stand alone or be attached to a larger building
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The concentrated activity which had begun at the Emperor's headquarters in the morning and had started the whole movement that followed was like the first movement of the main wheel of a large tower clock.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply installation and commissioning of four face quartz analog tower clock
Dubai's PCT, meanwhile, boasts a portfolio of large-scale projects, including the Mataf Elevated Walkway, the largest carbon-fibre-reinforced civil structure in the world in the holy city of Makkah; the Dokkae Tower Clock and Crescent in Makkah, the world's largest clock; the Grand Atrium Dome at Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace; and interior structures at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, also in the UAE capital, among several others.
The proposal revolves around four routes, all departing from Beirut's Abed Tower Clock area and spreading out to the southern, eastern and western parts of the capital.
THE tower clock at St Mary's Church, a much-loved feature of the building, is in urgent need of repair and restoration.
In effect, Nova acts as an observatory for the "constellation" of iconic sites in the neighborhood: the Flatiron Building, Met Life Tower clock tower, Empire State Building, and surrounding landmarks.
Rebecca Ayres at Nelson | |Dock; far left, the Victoria Tower clock at nearby Salisbury Dock; and, above, the view across the water to Stanley Dock
He was responsible for the weekly winding of the Worcester City Hall tower clock for the last 15 years.
The town hall clock mechanism, left, for the iconic tower clock, bottom right, was officially started by the Princess of Wales on January 23, 1889.
As the Kremlin tower clock chimed noon, the activists unfurled a banner reading "For our and your freedom", one of the slogans used in 1968, said an AFP photographer.
Sorting through the remains of the old Castle tower clock, L Hainz's restoration expert Mariana Nesnidalova picked up one of the clock hands laying in the tower's dust.
It is graced by stained glass including images of the poet William Blake and Apostle of the North Bernard Gilpin, high-quality wood carving, and embellishments ranging from its tower clock to its processional cross, all in the arts and crafts movement style, with no expense spared.