Tower of Babel

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(ˈbeɪ bəl, ˈbæb əl)

1. an ancient city in Shinar where people began building a tower (Tower of Babel) intended to reach heaven but were forced to abandon their work upon the confusion of their languages by God. Gen. 11:4–9.
2. (usu. l.c.) a confused mixture of sounds or voices.
3. (usu. l.c.) a scene of noise and confusion.
[< Hebrew Bābhel Babylon]
Ba•bel′ic (-ˈbɛl ɪk) adj.


(ˈbæb əl)

Isaak Emmanuilovich, 1894–1941, Russian author.
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Noun1.Tower of Babel - (Genesis 11:1-11) a tower built by Noah's descendants (probably in Babylon) who intended it to reach up to heavenTower of Babel - (Genesis 11:1-11) a tower built by Noah's descendants (probably in Babylon) who intended it to reach up to heaven; God foiled them by confusing their language so they could no longer understand one another
Book of Genesis, Genesis - the first book of the Old Testament: tells of Creation; Adam and Eve; the Fall of Man; Cain and Abel; Noah and the flood; God's covenant with Abraham; Abraham and Isaac; Jacob and Esau; Joseph and his brothers
Babylon - the chief city of ancient Mesopotamia and capital of the ancient kingdom of Babylonia
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But the builders of the Tower of Babel were quite modest and domestic people, like mice, compared with old Aladdin.
The voices of its children are like the voices from the tower of Babel.
He also began to build the famous Tower of Babel, but circumstances over which he had no control put it out of his power to finish it.
This stone was thrown at the sainted Stephen, and the other two are from the Tower of Babel.
In an office that might have been on the ground-floor of the Tower of Babel, it was so massively constructed, we were presented to our old schoolmaster; who was one of a group, composed of two or three of the busier sort of magistrates, and some visitors they had brought.
Felicite evoked Paradise, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, the blazing cities, the dying nations, the shattered idols; and out of this she developed a great respect for the Almighty and a great fear of His wrath.
Quickly the waitress returns bearing what is apparently a model of the Tower of Babel but what is really a pile of plates and flat tin dish-covers.
He permitted terrorists to destroy the twin towers of New York, as He permitted the Tower of Babel to crumble.
Nowadays, inside the city of Babylon in Iraq lie the remains of a vast structure, which ancient records suggest was the Tower of Babel.
Her Cabinet, a Tory Tower of Babel at war with itself and screaming conflicting demands at our 27 neighbours, is largely ignored.
The installation, Traduttore-Traditore represents a destroyed Tower of Babel.
Essentially, we've created the healthcare IT version of the Tower of Babel.