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with towers


(ˈtaʊ ə ri)

1. having towers.
2. very tall.
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Students who completed the Kent County Basic Youth Academy were: Kayla Abbott of Dover; Hayden Argoe of Middletown; Kelly Barr of Smyrna; Justin Boyer of Magnolia; Dominic Garcia of Smyrna; Giovanni George of Smyrna; Damian Grabowski of Marydel; Drew Hatfield of Dover; Justin Jones of Wyoming; Elisabeth Lamon of Smyrna; Cody Layfield of Georgetown; Macy Layfield of Georgetown; Hunter Mitchell of Milford; Aiden Morris of Middletown; Brett Murray of Hartly; Teague Olewiler of Lewes; Gabriel Riddle of Millsboro; Michael Smith of Dover; Emily Smolka of Smyrna; James Stangl of Milford; Matthew Stangl of Milford; Jared Towery of Dover; Madison Tulloch of Wyoming; and Samantha Winter of Smyrna.
Under the guidance of owners Jim Towery, president and CEO, and Brett Sheets, vice president, The Steelman Companies have grown organically and through mergers.
Among the community of professional indexers, Margie Towery is well know for the quality of expertise as consummate indexer.
Formation Brands co-founders Leslie Miller and Mark Towery are staying with the company.
The Patels will pay the city $600,000 over five years for the land, which is just east of the Candlewood Suites building, Springfield Assistant City Manager Jeff Towery said.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation announced that Hope Knight, the COO of the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, has been named to succeed Carlisle Towery as the President of GJDC.
Jacqueline Hogan Towery, Robert Towery, and Peter Barbour
"Touched by a Child" is the memoir from George Towery, a principal in public schools for over thirty years, reflecting on his efforts to make the two schools he presided over go above and beyond their call of duty, despite the schools struggles.
Creators Syndicate opinion columnist Matt Towery added, "As the former CEO of a privately held company founded by my father, I recognize that few sons or daughters come to a business with the skill sets necessary to hit the ground running.
Wedding music was provided by pianist Brian Eads and soloists Rachel Towery and Stephen Gross.
The Saudi Oger duo of Filipino Eric Liquigan, another accomplished single-digit handicap golfer and his boss, Frenchman Jean Bouzane, clinched third place on 52 after countback over Juan Rosado and Bob Mordan, who in turn won over the third team in the three-way tie namely Rob Patridge and Ron Towery.
She's been corresponding with an Arizona death row inmate for two years, one Robert Towery - an armed robber who injected his victim with battery acid.