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a.1.Composed of, or like, tow.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Carmarthen Bridge spans over the River Towy at the foot of a hill that leads up to a former county jailhouse which continues to loom above everything else.
It made headlines across the countryin October last year, when the rain-battered Towy tested its construction and almost breached its three arches.
On my last run at night fishing, I was on the Towy near Llandovery, Wales, following a map with Xs on for sea trout, when I got lost on the road.
There was more success for the hosts when Meirionnydd YFC were awarded the Vale of Towy Cup following victory in the choir competition.
He stressed that the security forces gained control of the highway and the Iraqi Army Aviation launched sorties on sites belonging to the IS gangs in Zankurah and Towy areas and inflicted them heavy losses in lives and equipment.
The 11-year-old has been missing since he is believed to have fallen into the River Towy, near Tanerdy, in Carmarthen, on February 17.
The youngster had been playing with his brother, nine, when he was swept away on Tuesday afternoon and a massive search was carried out along the River Towy until 10pm.
The night began with the toddlers, as David Wylie-Morris, of Abergavenny RC, won the under-eight boys race from Towy Riders duo Iolo Dafydd and Garan Jones.
LINGFIELD 12.10 Josam 12.40 Irons On Fire 1.10 Sonko 1.45 Speak The Truth 2.15 Towy Boy 2.45 Oasis Dancer 3.20 Nibani 3.55 Sketchy Evidence NEWCASTLE 11.50 Micro Mission 12.20 Upthemsteps 12.50 My Idea 1.25 Soul Angel 1.55 My Arch 2.25 Easement 3.00 Chester Ridge 3.35 Bonnie Burnett SANDOWN 1.00 Kells Belle 1.35 Soliwery 2.05 Hold Fast 2.35 Colour Squadron 3.10 Hold On Julio 3.45 Lucaindubai WINCANTON 1.20 Monturgeon 1.50 Rigid 2.20 Good Order 2.50 Ashfield's Dream 3.25 Numide 4.00 Doeslessthanme TOMORROW HEREFORD 1.00 Sawpit Samba 1.30 Acapulco Bay 2.00 Brackloon High 2.30 Ebony River 3.00 Witch's Hat 3.30 Space Mission 4.00 Ballylifen SOUTHWELL 12.50 Bird Dog 1.20 General Tufto 1.50 Magic Millie 2.20 Ay Tay Tate 2.50 Ishiamiracle 3.20 Dancing Freddy 3.50 Da'quonde
Star performance Richard Hughes for his fine treble on Towy Boy, Pipers Piping and Colour Scheme FOREVER'S GIRL is quickly becoming a course specialist and notched her fifth success on the track in the first division of the 6f apprentice handicap under Adam Carter.
(*=1st time) TONGUE STRAPS: 2.45 River Of Silence, 5.05 Towy Boy.
LINGFIELD: 2.10 Where's Susie, 2.45 Slip, 3.20 Squad, 3.55 Italian Tom, 4.30 Towy Boy, 5.05 Phoenix Rose, 5.40 Noble Greek.