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1. tank destroyer
2. touchdown
3. Treasury Department
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the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) Chad


abbreviation for
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Ireland) Teachta Dála
2. technical drawing
3. (Military) (in Britain) Territorial Decoration
4. (American Football) Also: td touchdown
[(sense 1) Irish Gaelic: member of the Dáil]
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1. touchdown.
2. Also, T.D. Treasury Department.


time deposit.
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abbr tetanus-diphtheria. V. vaccine.
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Amount of ingested acetaminophen was reported as milligrams per kilogram and toxic dose for acetaminophen intake was defined as greater than 150 mg/kg.2 Rumack-Matthew nomogram for acute acetaminophen intake was used to evaluate the risk of acute intoxication and to determine the decision of using antidote (NAC).4
Gastric decontamination is recommended in toxic dose exposures, especially within one hour of toxic ingestions (31).
Tolerated and toxic doses led to separated mechanistic outcomes after 72 hr of exposure: a toxic dose led to cytotoxicity and chromatin condensation, whereas tolerated exposure resulted in continued FOS expression.
As for sugar in the latte, the average adult would need to down 40 to 50 of them in a sitting to have a toxic dose, counters d'Entremont.
However if toxic dose is beyond the tolerance level of liver liver cannot function smoothly.
Scientists have found that the toxic dose of caffeine is approximately 10 grams--equivalent to about 130 cups of coffee--but it can vary greatly from person to person.
This effect is especially important if the drug has a "narrow therapeutic range", meaning that the safe dose isn't very far from the toxic dose, and a small rise in the blood level can lead to side effects with serious consequences.
A genotoxic chemical administered at a toxic dose that also induces cell proliferation will be far more effective as a mutagen and as a carcinogen than when given at a low dose that does not induce cell proliferation [203, 204].
Scientists use something called the therapeutic index (the ratio of effective dose to toxic dose) as a way of defining how severe the side effects of a given drug would be.
In some cases a dose well above the toxic dose might not lead to systemic toxicity, e.g.
"This toxic dose of chemicals is seeping through the island's porous limestone foundation, speeding growth of algae on the fragile reef, and weakening corals, making them much more susceptible to disease."