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Noun1.Toxotes - type genus of the ToxotidaeToxotes - type genus of the Toxotidae    
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Toxotidae, Toxotidae - archerfishes
archerfish, Toxotes jaculatrix - any of several small freshwater fishes that catch insects by squirting water at them and knocking them into the water; found in Indonesia and Australia
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The Action aims at completing the remaining studies required in order to start the construction works of a new single 31,8 km long Railway line from Nea Karvali (Philippos Port) to the existing railway line at Toxotes Xanthi, including a railway stop in the area of Nea Karvali and a railway station in the area of Perni- Gravouna.
If a Toxotes archerfish can't jump high enough to snatch an insect off an overhanging leaf, the fish spits water upward that knocks the prey off its perch.
toxotes (jaiba gigante, negra o guacho) aunque su contribucion a la captura es marginal pues solo genera el 2% (Ramirez et al.
2010), used a simple yet useful criterion based on external markings and/or number of dorsal spines which currently being used to differentiate two congeneric archer fish species Toxotes chatareus and Toxotes jaculatrix.
toxotes Tiburon y cazon Prionace glauca, Carcharinus falciformis, Isurus oxyrinchus, Mustelu shenlei, Sphyrna zigaena Lisa Mugilce phalus, M.
Population growth, trophic level, and reproductive biology of two congeneric archer fishes (Toxotes chatareus, Hamilton 1822 and Toxotes jaculatrix, Pallas 1767) inhabiting Malaysian coastal waters.
Co-inhabitants of the stream included (in order of abundance) Gobiopterus species, Redigobius chryso-soma (Bleeker), Melanotaenia ammeri Allen, Unmack & Hadiaty, Hypseleotris species, Scatophagus argus (Linnaeus), Oxyeleotris aruensis (Weber), Toxotes chatareus (Hamilton) and Leptachirus alleni Randall.
Ramirez-Granados (1952), 45 anos antes del huracan "Pauline" registro la presencia de cladoceros, ostracodos, copepodos, isopodos y anfipodos; y entre los decapodos, peneidos, palemonidos y braquiuros como Goniopsis pulchra (Lockington) y Callinectes toxotes Ordway.
Anak senara Paradoxodacna piratica Senara Parambassis apogonoides Senara, Gabagaba Parambassis macrolepis Senara, Parambassis wolffii Senara, Sempekah DATNIOIDIDAE Coius microlepis Ringau, Ringan TOXOTIDAE Toxotes microlepis Sumpit Toxotes chatareus Sumpit NANDIDAE Nandus nebulosus Patung rimba, Empukung, Patung dundu PRISTOLEPIDIDAE Pristolepis fasciata Patung, Empatung, lkan tempeh Pristolepis cf.
The Action concerns the elaboration of the remaining studies necessary for the tendering of the construction of the new single Railway Line connecting the Kavala Freight Port (Philippos Port) with the existing railway line Thessaloniki Alexandroupoli in the area of Toxotes Xanthi.