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A city of west-central Honshu, Japan, on Toyama Bay, an inlet of the Sea of Japan. Toyama is noted for its patent medicine industry.


(Placename) a city in central Japan, on W Honshu on Toyama Bay (an inlet of the Sea of Japan): chemical and textile centre. Pop: 321 049 (2002 est)


(ˈtɔ yəˌmɑ, tɔˈyɑ mə)

a city on W Honshu, in central Japan. 321,000.
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There will be baked beans Mexican, if I can hammer it into Toyama's head; also, baked papaia with Marquesan honey, and, lastly, a wonderful pie the secret of which Toyama refuses to divulge.
Rice, and curry, yam, taro, bonita, of course, a big cake Toyama is making, young pig--"
Later, in the main cabin, when Lorenzo, Lee Goom and Toyama received their presents, he disappeared into his stateroom twice again.
Below, Lee Goom and Toyama were lowering skylight covers and screwing up deadeyes.
In searching the Yakiniku-zakaya Ebisu restaurant outlet in the city of Toyama, where 21 customers fell ill after eating raw beef dishes there, the police hoped to find out whether the meat seen as the cause of the poisonings became contaminated before or after arriving at the restaurant.
26 October 2010 - Japanese Astellas Pharma Inc (TYO: 4503) said today it will merge on 1 April 2011 its production subsidiaries in Japan - Astellas Tokai Co Ltd, Astellas Toyama Co Ltd and Astellas Pharma Chemicals Co Ltd.
The metal-and-plastic outfit is the brainchild of Professor Shigeki Toyama and his team who developed it at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
Currently, the airline operates regular flights connecting Vladivostok with airports in Niigata and Toyama prefectures as well as between Khabarovsk and an airport in Niigata.
Incumbent governors backed by the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito party won the gubernatorial elections Sunday in Niigata and Toyama prefectures, beating respective sole challengers backed by the Japanese Communist Party.
Tokyo, Japan, Mar 14, 2006 - (JCN) - The Fine Factory Research Group of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and a Toyama University research group have jointly developed a nano-machine processing system that works inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM).
The education minister of the Afghan interim authority, Abdul Rasoul Amin, will visit Japan for four days starting next Tuesday, Japan's education minister Atsuko Toyama said Friday.
Universities in Japan and Thailand will launch a joint pharmaceutical project in April to try to discover natural substances which can cure cancer and AIDS, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University said Monday.