a.1.Soft, like wool that has been teased.
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See also Irene Bono, Beatrice Hibou, Hamza Meddeb, and Mohamed Tozy, L'Etat d'injustice au Maghreb: Maroc et Tunisie (Paris: Karthala, 2015).
There are more and more companies protecting themselves against credit risks, with 57% having recourse to professionals, compared to 43% in 2016,"said Sofia Tozy, Coface economist in charge of the North Africa region.
Les entreprises sont en outre plus nombreuses a se couvrir contre le risque de credit : 57% font appel a un professionnel, contre 43% en 2016[beaucoup plus grand que], commente Sofia Tozy, economiste de Coface en charge de la region Afrique du Nord.
Tozy (eds), La Mediterranee des Anthropologues: Fractures, filiations, contiguites, Paris : Maisonneauve and Larose.
Indonesian buyer Michael Lakat, Group Merchandising Manager of PT Tozy Sentosa, said he was looking for women's watches at the fair, in response to the Indonesian market's interest in fashion timepieces.
Muhammad Tozy, "Islam and the State" in Bruce Maddy Weitzman and Daniel Zisenwine (eds), The Maghrib in the New Century: Identity, Religion and Politics (Florida: University of Florida Press, 2007), p.
5) Por su parte, Bruno Etienne considera, al igual que Gilles Kepel y Mohamed Tozy, que el islamismo radical se define como "el uso politico de temas musulmanes que son movilizados como reaccion a la 'occidentalizacion', esta ultima vista como una agresion contra la identidad arabe-musulmana.
Mohammed Tozy, a professor of politics and prominent expert on Islamic movements, said the party had always had support in society, but in this election it managed to broaden its appeal.
9m) to acquire Indonesian company PT Tozy Sentosa in June, which operates the Centro department stores in the country.
Some reforms were already underway in Morocco and there was a much bigger openness [to dissent] than in other countries," said Mohammad Tozy, a political science professor at Casablanca's Hassan II University, noting that protests were largely allowed to go ahead without interference.
A constitution does not change a system, a constitution creates the framework in which a system can change," said Mohamed Tozy, a political science professor at Casablanca's Hassan II University.
Rimo Catur Lestari Tbk, PT Rimo 7 8 Keris Gallery, PT Keris Gallery, Batik Keris 5 9 Kage Dwijaya, PT Diamond 2 10 Metropolitan Retailmart, PT Metro 7 11 Tozy Bintang Sentosa, PT Centro 7 12 Pasaraya Nusa Karya, PT Pasaraya, Pasaraya Grande 2 13 Golden Ritelindo, PT Golden Trully 3 Sources: ICN processed Table--3 Segmentation of Department Store in Indonesia Middle to Middle High No Name of Outlet low class class class 1 Ramayana X 2 Matahari X 3 Pojok Busana X 4 Yogya X 5 Sarinah X 6 Sogo X 7 Rimo X 8 Keris Gallery X 9 Diamond X 10 Lotus X 11 Metro X 12 Debenhams X 13 Pasaraya, Pasaraya Grande X 14 Golden Trully X Sources: ICN Table--4 Estimates of department store sales, 2007-2011 Year Sales (Rp trillion) Growth (%) 2007 14.