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Noun1.Trablous - a port city and commercial center in northwestern Lebanon on the Mediterranean SeaTrablous - a port city and commercial center in northwestern Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea
Lebanese Republic, Lebanon - an Asian republic at east end of Mediterranean
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Major U.S.-origin Equipment in the LAF Inventory (Partial List): -Towed and Self-propelled Howitzers -M113 Armored Personnel Carriers -LNS TRABLOUS Coastal Security Craft -A-29 Super Tucano & Cessna Caravan attack aircraft -Huey I and Huey II helicopters -Armored and unarmored HMMWVs -Scan Eagle Unmanned Aerial Systems -Millions of rounds ammunition of various types and calibers -Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, -Grenade Launchers -Personal Protective Equipment -Bomb Disposal Robots -M2A2 ODS Bradley Fighting Vehicles -M48 and M60A3 Main Battle Tanks LAF Estimate: More than 80% of LAF equipment from the United States Government.
Other dates available) links the Crusader sites of Trablous, or `eastern Tripoli', the Arab architecture of buildings like the thirteenth-century Grand Mosque of the Mamelukes, and the Roman ruins of the Bekaa Valley.
An "extra-muros" version shall be projected in the campuses of seven universities in and around Beirut; but also in four cultural centers in Trablous, Sada, Sour & Nabatieh, between 16 & 20 November.
"Maarad Trablous," the understated new work by Kuwaiti-Puerto Rican artist Alia Farid, can easily be read as a conversation with modernism, albeit without dialogue.
Garcia and Attieh attracted critical and festival attention a few years back with the release of their 2010 debut "Tayyib, Khalas, Yalla." This wry, no-budget indie -- the comic fiction of a Trablous patisserie-shop owner undergoing separation anxiety when his mom decides to visit relatives in Beirut -- operates as a delivery system for formal experimentation.