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n.1.(Med.) Goiter.
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The hallmark of MKS, also known under alternative names (tracheal diverticulosis, tracheobronchiectasis, tracheocele, tracheomalacia, and tracheobronchopathia malacia), [9, 14-17] is dilatation of trachea and central bronchi with normal diameter of peripheral airways.
INTRODUCTION: Mounier Kuhn syndrome or tracheobronchiomegaly also known as tracheocele, tracheobronchiectasis and tracheomalacia is a very rare entity presenting as recurrent lower respiratory tract infection.
Tracheal diverticulum, also referred to as tracheocele, is typically discovered as an incidental finding on a radiograph, on endoscopy, or during a postmortem examination.
Adult tracheocele with large cervical presentation.
Differential diagnosis of internal laryngoceles Lesion Description/characteristics Saccular cyst A mucus-filled congenital cyst of the larynx; (laryngeal no communication with the laryngeal lumen; mucocele) found in infants and children Ductile cyst A simple acquired mucus retention cyst; arises in the lamina propria of the supraglottic larynx Tracheocele Communicates with the trachea; may exhibit associated bronchoceles Pseudolaryngocele Associated with advanced destructive disease (e.
We present a case of acquired tracheocele and describe a method of successful surgical management.
We report a new case of acquired tracheocele, and we describe a successful method of surgical management.