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(ˌɒnɪˈkɪə) or


(Veterinary Science) vet science inflammation of the nails or claws of animals
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inflammation and ulceration at the base of a fingernail; a felon or whitlow.
See also: Fingers and Toes
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n. oniquia, infl. de la matriz de una uña.
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Regarding the location of the nail pathology, the clinical presentation is different; pitting, leukonychia, red spots in the lunula, nail plate crumbling, beaus lines, and trachyonychia are signs of nail matrix involvement and onycholysis, oil drop discoloration or salmon patch, subungual hyperkeratosis, and splinter hemorrhage indicate nail bed disease.
It is an excessive ridging of the nail plate referred to as "rough nails" or trachyonychia. (Severe dystrophy caused by extensive involvement of the matrix) Also known as "Twenty nail dystrophy," the nail plate flattens and the lunula is spotted, or obscured.
"Twenty-nail dystrophy," also known as trachyonychia, presents with longitudinal ridges, lost of luster, sandpaper-like rough appearance, and pitting.
Differential Diagnosis of Onychomycosis (18-21) * Nail trauma * Psoriasis * Lichen planus * Paronychia * Bacterial infection * Pachyonychia congenita * Nail bed tumors (squamous cell carcinoma) and verrucae * Yellow nail syndrome * Alopecia areata * Contact/atopic dermatitis * Idiopathic onycholysis * Twenty-nail dystrophy (trachyonychia) * Nail changes associated with systemic disease or nail cosmetics
Nail changes were also considered which include pitting, trachyonychia, koilonychia, beaus lines and others.