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A ball mounted in a stationary housing and rotated to control a pointer on a computer screen.


(ˈtrækˌbɔːl) or


(Computer Science) computing a device consisting of a small ball, mounted in a cup, which can be rotated to move the cursor around the screen


a computer input device for controlling the pointer on a display screen by rotating a ball set inside a case.
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Noun1.trackball - an electronic device consisting of a rotatable ball in a housingtrackball - an electronic device consisting of a rotatable ball in a housing; used to position the cursor and move images on a computer screen; "a trackball is essentially an upside-down mouse"
electronic device - a device that accomplishes its purpose electronically
kulový ovladač
boule de commande


[ˈtrækbɔːl] N (Comput) → bola f rastreadora, trackball m


track ball [ˈtrækbɔːl] tracker ball [ˈtrækərbɔːl] nboule f de pointage
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It will also make use of automatic ball railing to fast track ball retrieval.
Trackball mice sit still while you roll a large track ball with your thumb or fingers; as examples, the Logitech Trackball M570 and the Logitech Trackman Marble are pictured below.
The mouse or track ball should be placed to the side of the computer for each user's hand dominance (left-handed users should place mouse to the left side of the computer).
Groski's use of such common items as PVC reducing bushing, a track ball from an old computer mouse, and simple wing nuts is both clever and refreshing.
The only major difference is that the BY 880 comes with a track ball, while the Q99 ships with an optical trackpad.
This lab works closely with the global Accessibility team in Sunnyvale and is fully equipped with different assistive technologies such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, track ball, switch, speech recognition software and screen reader for mobile, giving employees the opportunity to try different technologies and incorporate these considerations into their daily work.
According to the company, the app has been designed specifically for the BlackBerry and offers customers who use a BlackBerry device with a track ball a simple way to find, discover and buy products from Amazon.
The focus was to provide the customer with the simplest interface available--a combined LCD touch screen and track ball, tailored comfortably to fit into the palm of the hand.
Remember, many companies thought it was a neat gadget, but with little utility when you could just use a track ball The funny thing about George is that, deep down, I get the impression he considers himself an extreme skier who also invents.
The new 8800 unit, however, replaces the nuisance track wheel with a track ball navigation system that acts more like a mouse, and thus is intuitively easier to use.
IndeMouse is a USB device that translates movements of a pointing device, such as a mouse or track ball (not included), into mouse functions such as click, double-click, or drag.
Scratchy Pad is not your average whirling track ball toy.