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(ˈθiŋkpad) noun
a portable computer.
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Ngan said the ThinkPad has developed a solid reputation for boosting productivity and carrying user-friendly designs, such as its renowned red TrackPoint, ergonomic keys, multimedia buttons, heightened security and various intelligent features, all of which are further bolstered by the device's legendary durability, having undergone military-standard tests.
The X1 Extreme also gets the good old TrackPoint and a middle mouse button option.
The trackpoint is spacious and smooth, with dedicated left- and right-mouse buttons above that are very clicky.
Caveat: With its signature black exterior and red TrackPoint mouse in the middle of the keyboard, the look is a little outdated.
9.0-9.3 (Esri, Redlands, CA) and tracked at 1- to 3-s intervals with an ORE Trackpoint II ultra-short baseline (USBL) acoustic system (EdgeTech, West Wareham, MA) and WinFrog software (Fugro, Leidschendam, Netherlands).
The look and feel is unequivocally thinkpad as well, with a black color scheme throughout and the usual thinkpad keyboard- complete with the iconic red trackpoint nubbin in the center - utilized on the detachable keyboard cover.
Navigation fixes were received from a Thales GeoPacific Winfrog ORE Trackpoint 2 USBL system at two-second intervals.
In addition, the full size ThinkPad keyboard with the iconic TrackPoint has three adjustable typing angles and recreates the classic ThinkPad keystroke feel.
The latest ThinkPad 11e does not come with the standard red "TrackPoint" at the center of the keyboard.
Using GPS, Waypoints can be set and navigated to later, Trackpoint breadcrumb trails can be recorded as operators walk the line, and more.
You can plug in the optional Key-board Folio Case with optical TrackPoint for more convenient typing and mouse control, and there's an optional digitizer that will let you take handwritten notes.