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Noun1.tractor trailer - a truck consisting of a tractor and trailer togethertractor trailer - a truck consisting of a tractor and trailer together
semitrailer, semi - a trailer having wheels only in the rear; the front is supported by the towing vehicle
tandem trailer - trucking rig with two trailers in tandem
trailer - a large transport conveyance designed to be pulled by a truck or tractor
motortruck, truck - an automotive vehicle suitable for hauling
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Ideal for applications in which dockside power sources are not present, an automated cargo handling system features a live floor belt conveyor built directly into 53-foot tractor trailers and powered by a self-contained diesel motor for loading and unloading cargo.
Lee Jarvis, Board of Health agent, ordered Rodney Carlson of 38 West Brookfield Road to immediately stop the practice of bringing cars, trucks and tractor trailers to his property, as well as making arrangements for the proper disposal of the remaining debris.
Traffic of tractor trailers has been reinstated on both sides of the Danube Bridge connecting Bulgaria through the city of Ruse with Romania.
Ashok Leyland, an India-based automaker, is introducing 10 models of tippers and tractor trailers.
CHICAGO -- Over the course of one weekend in May, the Chicago Loop was shut down to set up a crane so massive it had to be trucked in on 13 tractor trailers. This was part of a carefully orchestrated total replacement of the air-handling and distribution systems for the 85-year-old, 23-story Chicago Temple, which is the tallest church building in the world.
Furthermore, its bus ramps are too narrow and steep to accommodate tractor trailers. Nevertheless, Javits will be paying an additional $600 million for this facility and many millions more to modify it.
* PROBLEM: The CIA's 170-acre campus along the Hudson River has been called majestic--but lingering outside its main building for some fresh air traditionally meant navigating distractions such as tour buses and tractor trailers. After all, The CIA is not just a school; its campus includes five public restaurants--and the service road for deliveries to the college's 41 kitchens and bakeshops ran directly in front of Roth.
Department of Transportation (DOT) has promulgated written standards regarding proper rear-impact guards for tractor trailers.(2) The purpose of these standards is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries that are caused when smaller, lower vehicles collide with the rear of tractor trailers.
IT SEEMS A HOPELESS TASK: UNDER A BLAZING SUN AT THE U.S.--Mexico border, a customs inspector must squint at the tires and gas tanks of thousands of passing tractor trailers to divine if a few kilos of cocaine or heroin might be stuffed into the trucks' most unreachable crevices.
Table 3-Average Accident Costs Number of Thruway Accidents Authority Total Automobiles: Without TMA 24 $14,453 $483,570 With TMA 8 $17,382 $46,820 Tractor Trailers: Without TMA 5 $32,794 $2,039,494 With TMA 3 $6,530 $44,563
In the early 1970s, as two-axle rear dumps were moving to the 150 to 170 t |short~ range, larger tractor trailers were offered by the major diesel-electric truck manufacturers (such as the Unit Rig BD-180, based on the 100 t Lectra-Haul chassis, and rated at 180 t) and offerings by the dominant mechanical manufacturer appeared (Dart introduced the 150 t tractor-trailer during this period).