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A truck consisting of a tractor attached to a semitrailer or trailer, used for transporting loads.


(Automotive Engineering) US a truck for pulling heavy loads, consisting of a tractor attached to a trailer


a trucking unit consisting of a tractor hooked up to a full trailer or a semitrailer.
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KPA managing director Daniel Manduku yesterday told the Star that they have started taking equipment that includes forklift trucks, mobile cranes and tractor-trailers to Kisumu.
The AZETEC project will help ensure the continuation of a timely, efficient and cost-effective supply chain of goods, transported by 64-tonne B-train tractor-trailers carrying very large freight loads over long distances.
Summary: Smash-up between two tractor-trailers, a van and a car also injured several people
Police in North Carolina and Virginia said they'd responded to hundreds of snow-related traffic accidents as of Sunday afternoon, as cars, trucks and tractor-trailers all struggled with the snow and ice.
Tractor-trailers carrying shipments of the radioactive material will start traveling on Interstates 90 and 79 as early as Feb.
The Florida Highway Patrol says a second crash involving three tractor-trailers and a car created additional traffic problems.
Frito-Lay North America selected Trillium CNG to design, build, operate and maintain CNG stations to serve its fleet of heavy-duty tractor-trailers.selected Trillium CNG to design, build, operate and maintain CNG stations to serve its fleet of heavy-duty tractor-trailers.
Maltby Container & Recycling, which has been fined by the county twice before, is facing penalties of up to $1 million for transporting 342 tractor-trailers worth of garbage outside of the county between January 2011 and July 2012.
The proposed fuel economy standards would apply to tractor-trailers, buses, delivery vans, heavy pickup trucks, cement mixers and many other types of vehicles.
Last night the car, bus and tractor-trailers line had been 20-km long on both sides of the border.
Nevertheless, the government relaxed its regulations to allow tractor-trailers to travel on certain roads.