Trade dollar

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a silver coin formerly made at the United States mint, intended for export, and not legal tender at home. It contained 378 grains of silver and 42 grains of alloy.
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They added that the State Bank of Pakistan has directed the open market to trade dollar within the range of Rs142-142.50.
In 1891, a trade dollar (Mexican silver dollar) in Seoul was worth 650 cash so any transactions, even small ones, entailed hiring men and ponies to carry the money.
As per TDAP officials, rupee depreciation and the central bank's stricter watchfulness on trade dollar movements contributed to an accelerated realization of export proceeds of every item including rice.
"Not even really knowing what I could trade for, I just set up an account, I started accepting trade dollars as a form of payment, and accumulating this trade dollar balance."
This edition has current market prices in high circulated grades and multiple Mint State and Proof grades; updated auction records; updated and additional photos, including a chopmarked trade dollar, various Mint State and Proof type coins, and new die varieties; an essay on the 1837 "Half Cent Worth of Pure Copper" token; an essay on the passing of the half cent and large cent from US commerce; and new die varieties, including major 2009 "Formative Years" Lincoln cent doubled-die reverses.
Small trade participation = Small trade dollar volume/Total dollar volume, (1)
First, the country's or region's trade dollar value with the United States generates customer interest--presumably, higher trade flows garner more public interest, particularly with individual countries such as China and Mexico.
It began to reappear in 1873 on the Trade dollar issued for circulation in the Orient.
TDAP officials say that the rupee depreciation and the State Bank of Pakistan's (SBP) stricter vigil on trade dollar movements also have led to the faster realisation of export proceeds of all items including rice.
In early Tokyo trade dollar bought 90.67 yen against 90.82 yen in New York Monday afternoon, while the euro fetched 121.95 yen, compared with 122.20 yen.
Trade Dollar Coins has been in business since 2005.
As a third-party record keeper, Southern Barter sends its clients a statement each month of what's bought and sold and a current trade dollar balance.