trade unionist

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trade union

A labor union, especially one limited in membership to people in the same trade.

trade unionism n.
trade unionist n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: unionist - a worker who belongs to a trade uniontrade unionist - a worker who belongs to a trade union
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
عُضْوٌ في نِقَابَةعَضو في نِقابَة العُمّال
ammattiyhdistyksen jäsen
szakszervezeti tag
công đoàn viên

trade unionist

trades unionist n (Brit) → sindacalista m/f


(treid) noun
1. the buying and selling of goods. Japan does a lot of trade with Britain.
2. (a) business, occupation, or job. He's in the jewellery trade.
1. (often with in or with) to buy and sell. They made a lot of money by trading; They trade in fruit and vegetables.
2. to exchange. I traded my watch for a bicycle.
ˈtrader noun
a person who trades.
ˈtrademark, ˈtradename nouns
an officially registered mark or name belonging to a particular company, and not to be used by anyone else, that is put on all goods made by the company.
ˈtradesman (ˈtreidz-) noun
1. a shopkeeper.
2. a workman in a skilled job. My husband cannot mend the television-set – I'll have to send for a tradesman.
trade(s) union
a group of workers of the same trade who join together to bargain with employers for fair wages, better working conditions etc.
trade(s) unionist a member of a trade(s) union (noun trade(s) unionism
trade wind
a wind that blows towards the equator (from the north-east and south-east).
trade in to give (something) as part-payment for something else: We decided to trade in our old car and get a new one ( noun ˈtrade-in)

trade unionist

عُضْوٌ في نِقَابَة odborář fagforeningsmedlem Gewerkschaftler συνδικαλιστής sindicalista ammattiyhdistyksen jäsen syndicaliste sindikalist sindacalista 労働組合主義者 노동조합원 vakbondslid fagforeningsmedlem związkowiec sindicalista член профсоюза fackföreningsman สมาชิกสหภาพแรงงาน sendikacı công đoàn viên 工会成员
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TAP) - Faced with a year 2017 marked by the opening of several delicate and hot files, Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), Houcine Abbassi called on trade unionists to show "reason" and prevail the " Interest of the country.
SIR - The Trades Council invites trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners to join us in celebrating May Day by renewing the fight against austerity.
MERSEYSIDE trade unionists and seamen who fought against the apartheid have been honoured with the unveiling of a plaque at Jack Jones House.
Violence: inquiry call THE death of the anti-fascist demonstrator, Kevin Gately is a matter of deep concern for all trade unionists and academics.
I want the three million trade unionists linked to our party to be a real part of what we do.
TRADE unionists and community campaigners have joined together to launch North Wales Against Cuts at a packed public meeting.
AMMAN: A group of Jordanian activists and trade unionists set off for Gaza on Tuesday to deliver the blockaded Palestinian enclave aid relief and medical supplies overland from Egypt, organizers said.
And there is growing concern that they will be met by counter demonstrators - including Muslim groups, trade unionists and left-wing activists.
Contents Background 2 Political Context 2 Trade/Economic Context 2 Labor Context 3 Violence Against Trade Unionists 3 Long-Term Trends in Murders of Trade Unionists Long-Term Trends in Three Measures of Violence Against 3 Trade Unionists 6 Impunity 6 Labor Laws, Protections, and Enforcement 7 Possible Implications 8
Today, the Workers Right Consortium, a watchdog organization made up of trade unionists, students, and university administrators that monitors these agreements, boasts conduct agreements signed at more than 100 colleges.
MORE THAN 200 TRADE UNIONISTS were murdered or disappeared in 2001, according to the International Confederation of Free Trade Union's Annual Survey, released in June.
45] Benthamites and poor law administrators did not generate the notion that women's work was necessarily degrading and immoral; it was Tory radicals, trade unionists, and anti-poor law radicals, who portrayed working women as passive victims of capitalism.

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