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1. A woman who practices a manual trade.
2. A woman who is a merchant.


(ˈtreɪdzˌwʊm ən)

n., pl. -wom•en.
a woman engaged in trade.
usage: See -woman.


[ˈtreɪdzˌwʊmən] N (tradeswomen (pl)) (= shopkeeper) → tendera f; (= roundswoman) → repartidora f, proveedora f; (= artisan) → artesana f
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Though Napoleon, by subordinating all things and all men to his will, retarded for a time the influence of bureaucracy (that ponderous curtain hung between the service to be done and the man who orders it), it was permanently organized under the constitutional government, which was, inevitably, the friend of all mediocrities, the lover of authentic documents and accounts, and as meddlesome as an old tradeswoman.
Winners for 2017 have been selected in the following categories: Business of the Year, Executive, Entrepreneur and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Aboriginal Leadership, Tradeswoman of the Year and Influential Community Trailbiazer.
I began my career working as a tradeswoman in an electrical craft.
His mother, my dead husband's mother, a pious Lutheran woman gave me this house to make up for the suffering her son had caused me, but she gave me no money, which is why I had to renounce the privileges of royal birth and become a tradeswoman and a whore--
A case in point is that of a four-year-old girl who was entrusted to a tradeswoman from Nioro by her impoverished father.
We have started to go out because the French are here," said Arlette Papaye, a local tradeswoman.
The covers of Tradeswoman Magazine, published quarterly for twenty years, line one wall, while text from government hearings on discrimination in the trades fills another.
The 40-year-old from Edinburgh is the only tradeswoman working on the site, putting her painting skills to use in the playground.
Elsewhere, there are some lively performances from the show's peripheral cast, not least Alex Ferns as good-hearted rogue Luther Billis, Daniel Koek in fine tenor voice as Lt Cable, and Loretta Ables Sayre reprising her New York role as the wily Tonkinese tradeswoman Bloody Mary.
Shuttleton, "Mary Chandler's Description of Bath (1733): A Tradeswoman Poet of the Georgian Urban Reanaissance," in Women and Urban Life in Eighteenth-Century England, 'On the Town,' Rosemary Sweet and Penelope Lane, eds.