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n. pl. trad·i·to·res (-tôr′ēz)
One of the early Christians who betrayed fellow Christians during the Roman persecutions.

[Middle English traditour, betrayer, from Latin trāditor, from trāditus, past participle of trādere, to betray, hand over; see tradition.]


n, pl traditores (ˌtrædɪˈtɔːriːz) or traditors
(Ecclesiastical Terms) Early Church a Christian who betrayed his fellow Christians at the time of the Roman persecutions
[C15: from Latin: traitor, from trādere to hand over]
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The introduction is devoted to the survey of a wide range of standard Jewish identity markers, such as circumcision, the Law and its scribal traditors, the observance of the Sabbath, and the land.

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