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 (trə-făl′gər), Cape
A cape on the southwest coast of Spain northwest of the Strait of Gibraltar. The British navy under Horatio Nelson defeated the French and Spanish fleets off Cape Trafalgar in 1805.


(trəˈfælɡə; Spanish trafalˈɣar)
(Placename) Cape Trafalgar a cape on the SW coast of Spain, south of Cádiz: scene of the decisive naval battle (1805) in which the French and Spanish fleets were defeated by the British under Nelson, who was mortally wounded


(trəˈfæl gər; Sp. ˌtrɑ fɑlˈgɑr)

Cape, a cape on the SW coast of Spain, W of Gibraltar: British naval victory over the French and Spanish fleets 1805.
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Noun1.Trafalgar - a naval battle in 1805 off the southwest coast of SpainTrafalgar - a naval battle in 1805 off the southwest coast of Spain; the French and Spanish fleets were defeated by the English under Nelson (who was mortally wounded)
Napoleonic Wars - a series of wars fought between France (led by Napoleon Bonaparte) and alliances involving England and Prussia and Russia and Austria at different times; 1799-1815
Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean - the 2nd largest ocean; separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east
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They stood for a moment at the balustrade and looked at Trafalgar Square.
Martin, who died just fifty years ago on the very anniversary of Trafalgar.
Would it be the Battle of Trafalgar or the Spanish Armada, Katharine?
From the Strand he crossed Trafalgar Square into Pall Mall, and up the Haymarket into Piccadilly.
His spirits rose with every step, and when he reached Trafalgar Square, blazing in the sun, with its fountains playing and its column reaching up into the bright air, he signaled to a hansom, and, before he knew what he was about, told the driver to go to Bedford Square by way of the British Museum.
Admiral Nelson, also, on a capstan of gun-metal, stands his mast-head in Trafalgar Square; and ever when most obscured by that London smoke, token is yet given that a hidden hero is there; for where there is smoke, must be fire.
He followed her obediently into the shop at the top of Trafalgar Square.
You are the grandson of Admiral Sir Wingrave Seton who commanded a frigate at Trafalgar, and an ancestor of yours fought in the Armada.
Going on along the Strand to Trafalgar Square, the paper in his hand, my brother saw some of the fugitives from West Surrey.
He was in the Trafalgar action, and has been in the East Indies since; he was stationed there, I believe, several years.
The driver of the taxi knew only that three times during the course of his drive he had been caught in a block and had had to wait for a few seconds--once at the entrance to Trafalgar Square, again at the junction of Haymarket and Pall Mall, and, for a third time, opposite the Hyde Park Hotel.
Whither, however, is the light four-inside Trafalgar coach carrying us?