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n.1.A kind of drama representing some action in which serious and comic scenes are blended; a composition partaking of the nature both of tragedy and comedy.
The noble tragi-comedy of "Measure for Measure."
- Macaulay.
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Now all this time, while the tragi-comedy of life was being played in these three suburban villas, while on a commonplace stage love and humor and fears and lights and shadows were so swiftly succeeding each other, and while these three families, drifted together by fate, were shaping each other's destinies and working out in their own fashion the strange, intricate ends of human life, there were human eyes which watched over every stage of the performance, and which were keenly critical of every actor on it.
DRAMA: A new production of Samuel Beckett's surreal Waiting for Godot,a tragi-comedy about two tramps waiting for a man named Godot.
Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball was the man responsible for the successful screenplay of the award-winning film American Beauty and has gained considerable critical acclaim for his work on this tragi-comedy.
A tragi-comedy played out on the streets of Belfast, it centres around best mates Jake and Chuckie.
This is the kind of simple scenario on which a whole tragi-comedy can be built, with a lifetime of repercussions and family feuds.
An adopted black girl discovers her mother is a working-class white woman in an emotionally powerful tragi-comedy that earned five Oscar nominations.
THE acclaimed tragi-comedy continues as more death and drama comes calling for the dysfunctional Fisher family.
Among the small scale events planned fo the next seven days are the premieres of Ian Harris's new play The Big K, the story of a crime of passion in 1950s Hollywood, directed by David Troughton and featuring Ali Troughton and Tim Guest (today, Tues 5pm); Paul Nimmo's play Seeds Under Stones, a rites-oassage tragi-comedy set in rural Yorkshire (tomorrow 8pm, Mon 4pm) and a rehearsed reading of Avril Rowlands' The Second Best Bed (tomorrow 1pm), based on the theory that Anne Hathaway was the real author o f Shakespeare's plays.
Flags were placed on seats to create a fervent atmosphere, as a club that had specialised in tragi-comedy for so long found itself on the cusp of achieving something memorable.
Actor Paul Giamatti plays an actor called Paul Giamatti whose soul is misplaced in this barmy metaphysical tragi-comedy.
THE 1967 tragi-comedy starring Oliver Reed and Carol White told the story of an advertising executive who gave up power to ease his conscience.
A tragi-comedy romance with bullets, car chase and a helicopter rescue, it never takes itself seriously, sticking tongue firmly in cheek whenever it delivers its homilies on life, love and family bonds.