a.1.Of or pertaining to tragi-comedy; partaking of grave and comic scenes.
Julian felt toward him that tragi-comic sensation which makes us pity the object which excites it not the less that we are somewhat inclined to laugh amid our sympathy.
- Sir W. Scott.
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Mademoiselle Cormon's absence allowed the ladies present to discuss the tragi-comic scene--embellished, extended, historified, embroidered, wreathed, colored, and adorned--which had just taken place, and which, on the morrow, was destined to occupy all Alencon.
Perhaps something akin to this oppressive feeling may have weighed upon you in watching this old-fashioned family life on the banks of the Floss, which even sorrow hardly suffices to lift above the level of the tragi-comic.
The sometimes laughable nature of their questions has spawned a collection of tragi-comic anecdotes.
A Georgian curator preparing an art exhibit in Paris discovers the great romance of his mother's life in a pile of old manuscripts in ``A Chef in Love,'' a tragi-comic romance more notable for what it represents than what it actually presents on its own.
For the record Stuart Broad gloved Ishant behind down the leg side before the embarrassment was complete when James Anderson was last out in an appropriately tragi-comic run-out and a direct hit from his nemesis Jadeja.
IT MAY be the season to be jolly, but don't let the tinsel on the tree fool you - there's not much genuine festive cheer in the family at the heart of Willy Russell's tragi-comic domestic drama.
Mining a deeper level than Twilight, this romantic hokum goes for a grandly tragi-comic effect.
99) North West London comes vividly to life in this tragi-comic novel which follows four Londoners - Leah, Natalie, Felix and Nathan - as they try to make adult lives beyond the council estate of their childhood.
But as Trescothick himself so candidly acknowledged last September, after Somerset's almost tragi-comic near-misses - including in both limited-overs showpiece finals, at Edgbaston and Lord's - they must look critically at themselves to work out why so much good work keeps coming to nothing.
Wes Anderson's '98 cult hit is on the list because we love Bill Murray, left, and the scene where his depressed millionaire industrialist gleefully soaks his hideous brood's barbecue by jumping feet-first into their swimming pool while still clutching a tumbler of whiskey and smoking a cigarette is a tragi-comic classic.
It was a ridiculous, tragi-comic sight as a nation deposited its dignity in a tear-soaked handkerchief like an overly-tired toddler.
Such tragi-comic watersheds of regret and longing are no longer restricted to men of a certain age, of course, which is one of the premises of "The Life of Fish.