a.1.Of or pertaining to tragi-comedy; partaking of grave and comic scenes.
Julian felt toward him that tragi-comic sensation which makes us pity the object which excites it not the less that we are somewhat inclined to laugh amid our sympathy.
- Sir W. Scott.
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Perhaps something akin to this oppressive feeling may have weighed upon you in watching this old-fashioned family life on the banks of the Floss, which even sorrow hardly suffices to lift above the level of the tragi-comic.
Mademoiselle Cormon's absence allowed the ladies present to discuss the tragi-comic scene--embellished, extended, historified, embroidered, wreathed, colored, and adorned--which had just taken place, and which, on the morrow, was destined to occupy all Alencon.
Rocketing between psychedelic euphoria and dark disfunction, 'Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life' captures The Wombats' unique pairing of irrepressible hooks and tragi-comic lyricism with a newfound maturity and moving emotional depth.
This reality depicts "thoughts shouting out loud, tragi-comic scenes of a present-day life, monologues, fancy colours, ample ink, local heroes, the Cypriot reality, a bourgeois society, compositions deliberately exaggerated stirring up tensions, uneasiness, awkwardness, where the viewer comes face to face with herself and her concealed inner suffering," according to the exhibition's press release.
Lyly's classically plotted, tragi-comic, masque-like musical plays date from a decade when few plays can be with certainty linked to adult troupes.
After graduating from Prague's prestigious theater academy, Damu, Bohdalova capitalized on her energy and self-confidence to make a name in comic roles, although she would ultimately define herself as a tragi-comic actress.
But then, the late, final tragi-comic act was awaiting Slade and his men as it seems to have so often this term, as Cardiff failed to clear and Josh Murphy fired home to earn the Dons a vital three points from their point of view.
WITH events in Greece increasingly mimicking the plotline of Aristophanes' great tragi-comic play The Frogs, European bourses traded more strongly on Wednesday and the FTSE 100 Index was no exception.
It was the kind of momentthat makes it all worthwhile: the late nights, the heart- breaks, the missed rendezvous and the tragi-comic cholesterol levels.
Death Comes for the Deconstructionist is a tragi-comic mystery, a detective story that is at once suspenseful, provocative, and emotionally resonant.
30pm, PS10/PS9 A NEW accessible, stylised adaptation of Shakespeare's tragi-comic drama, created by an award-winning community theatre group working in collaboration with Hoylake School of Dance.
He died on October 4, 2010, at the age of 95 having won a legion of fans around the world for his tragi-comic performances, his unforgettable line "Mr Grimsdale", and his signature tune Don't Laugh At Me.