Tragulus Javanicus

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Noun1.Tragulus Javanicus - chevrotain somewhat larger than the kanchilTragulus Javanicus - chevrotain somewhat larger than the kanchil; found in India and Malaya
chevrotain, mouse deer - very small hornless deer-like ruminant of tropical Asia and west Africa
genus Tragulus, Tragulus - type genus of the Tragulidae
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Java mousedeer (Tragulus javanicus), wild boar (Sus scrofa), red muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak), and banteng (Bos javanicus) of which it might drive the coexistence among the two large carnivores.
In other artiodactyls such as the small kanchil of Java (Tragulus javanicus), this network is completely absorbed to lead to an important development of the internal carotid artery, like in horses and carnivores, and is the only feeding artery of the encephalon.
An osteometrical study of the cranium and mandible of the mouse deer (Chevrotain) Tragulus javanicus. J.