Transantarctic Mountains

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Trans·ant·arc·tic Mountains

 (trăns′ănt-ärk′tĭk, -är′tĭk, trănz′-)
A mountain range extending about 3,200 km (2,000 mi) across Antarctica from the Weddell Sea to the Ross Sea and rising to 4,528 m (14,856 ft).
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Some new targets for IceBridge during the Basler flights will be areas of the Texas-sized Ross Ice Shelf and several massive glaciers that flow through the Transantarctic Mountains from East to West Antarctica.
2016), including the relatively colder temperatures extending westward from Roosevelt Island toward the Transantarctic Mountains and the relatively warmer air on the Ross Ice Shelf near many of the major glacial valleys in the Transantarctic Mountains.
It's one of the world's largest valley glaciers, and it was the route that Shackleton and Scott took to pass through the Transantarctic Mountains on their way to the South Pole.
We zipped up our down-filled jackets in silence and, despite the dazzling view of the Transantarctic Mountains from our porch, I clambered out of the tent in a glum mood.
1988, Fission-track geochronology, tectonics and structure of the Transantarctic Mountains in Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica.
The objective of the present study is to evaluate the provenance of the Patagonian basement based on the large U-Pb data-base that is available, to compare it with the Transantarctic Mountains basement, and to incorporate the occurrences of the archeocyathids and the geological evolution of these potential areas to further constrain the possible location of Patagonia in Eastern Gondwana.
Separated from the east by the Transantarctic Mountains, West Antarctica abuts the Pacific Ocean, and much of the region lies below sea level.
The Transantarctic Mountains is formed by a mountain range extending, with some interruptions, across the continent from Cape Adare in northern Victoria Land to Coats Land.
The journey took her from the Ross Ice Shelf, up the Leverett Glacier and across the Transantarctic Mountains to the continent's huge central plateau, where she battled strong headwinds for most of the way to the South Pole.
The ice sheet on Antarctica is over 4200 meters thick in some areas, covering nearly all of the land features except the Transantarctic Mountains, which protrude above the ice.
Subsequent articles examine topics that include lesser known glacial deposits of Gondwana, the chronostratigraphic resolution of paleofaunas and paleofloras in glacial and postglacial conditions, freshwater and brackish water ichnofaunas of postglacial marine transgressions, and characteristics of high-latitude post-glacial lakes in the Mackellar Formation of the Transantarctic Mountains.
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