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 (trăns′kô-kā′zhə, trănz′-)
A region comprising present-day Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan between the Caucasus Mountains and the borders of Turkey and Iran.

Trans′cau·ca′sian adj. & n.
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(Placename) of or relating to the central Asian region of Transcaucasia or its inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Transcaucasia
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Among other issues, trends in the global markets for petrochemical products including price trends, trade flows and technology development, and current state and prospects of Transcaucasian railway routes to the ports of Georgia were also reviewed.
Operating lease expenses were capitalised using a multiple of 6x as the company is based in GeorgiaOff-balance guarantee for Transcaucasian Distribution Company LLC added to Tegeta Motors group's balance sheet debt, totalling GEL282,000 at end-2017
The new Transcaucasian Trail runs from Georgia through Armenia into Azerbaijan, and offers extraordinary trails from the Dilijan National Park in the northern mountains to the caves of Goris in the south.
After the 1917 February Revolution in Russia, the Russian Provisional Government established the Special Transcaucasian Committee to govern what are now modern-day Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia.
In June of 1829 the Tiflis News (Tiflisskie vedomosti) began to follow Pushkin's travels in the Transcaucasian region, as he neared the border with the Ottoman Empire.
Further, this claim is not even true in the Transcaucasian region.
A long-term scouting project kicked off earlier this year, aiming to create the first Transcaucasian hiking trail across Georgia and Armenia.
The three other Slavic Republics later joined the consortium along with the Transcaucasian Republics of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.
ponticus), which occurs naturally in the Transcaucasian region between the Black and Caspian Seas, including a part of southern European Russia.
Russia is somewhat skeptical of Turkey's admission into the European Union which has the potential of damaging its relations with Turkey, but both countries are key strategic partners in the Transcaucasian region.
In 1917, after the collapse of the Russian empire, Georgia became a part of the 'Transcaucasian Federation'.

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