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n.1.The quality or state of being transcendental.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Beauty "is an event, or even (one might say) eventuality as such" (Hart, 2013:283); it is an experience of the transcendentality of being (Hart, 2013:284).
It could be shown that all the names related to fundamentals, to principles, or to the center have always designated an invariable presence--eidos, arche, telos, energeia, ousia (essence, existence, substance, subject) aletheia, transcendentality, consciousness, God, man, and so forth.
Cornelio Fabro, <<The Transcendentality of Ens--Esse and the Ground of Metaphysics>>, International Philosophical Quaterly 3 (1966) 389-427, especialmente en la p.
Christ as personal expression and dialogue partner of the Father becomes the exemplar of our relationship with God." (29) At a linguistic level Balthasar enriches this relationship by what Peter Casarella depicts as "a metaphysics of expressive transcendentality." (30) Distinguishing--but not dividing--the beautiful as both expression and dialogue, and by analogy expression and form, Balthasar recapitulates an aesthetic of the beautiful within an incarnational theology.
But Rahner could not speak about the human being as a transcendental being without equally speaking about a transcendental Revelation through which God implanted transcendentality in human being's nature.
(10) Because neither Space nor Time, our fundamental descriptors of the World, seem to be immediately retrievable from universal reason's rather limited stance before the World, Blackness's capacity to signify otherwise--beyond universality and its particular arrangement of Space and Time, but also away from transcendentality (self-determination)--invites a consideration of the possibility of knowing without modern categories.
"Reversal of Female Power, Transcendentality, and Gender in Thai Buddhism: The Thai Buddhist Female Saint Khun Mae Bunruean Tongbuntoem." Modern Asian Studies (2013), 1-32.
Having read Derrida (1967/ 1978), it is difficult to privilege the supposed transparency of presence and all the fundamentals it designates--"eidos, arche, telos, energeia, ousia (essence, existence, substance, subject), aletheia, transcendentality, consciousness, God man, and so forth" (pp.
The demand for political engagement is precisely such an operation, is what Derrida in this period terms 'transcendental contraband', where political engagement is equipped with a transcendentality it is supposed to explain.
From this perspective, there are at least five aspects of communication competence which are important in Korean communication: (1) empathy, (2) sensitivity, (3) indirectness, (4) being reserved, and (5) transcendentality.