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n.1.The act of transcending, or surpassing; also, passage over.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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synthesis or transcension of these antitheses, which may be summed up
What goes down must come up: Communication as incarnation and transcension. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 8(2), 194-200.
Part of its critique of society's simulated reality is the text's transcension of realism through the gothic, with its labyrinthine, uncanny care home ('like somewhere that a giant lives' [154-55]), its remote setting, the cold, dark, wintry climate, the unsolved gruesome crime, the violence and vulnerability, and constant reference to witches.
The session featured the US TV presenter and futurist Jason Silva discussing sub- jects such as transcension and envisioning a world where ge- netics, nanotechnology and robotics (GNR) combine to forge a new type of biologi- cally engineered human.
His novels dealing with the Singularity include Transcension (2002), The Hunger of Time (with Rory Barnes, 2003), Godplayers (2005), and K-Machines (forthcoming, 2006).
As noted, the book's principal theme is the process through which Army judge advocates have, during this period, effected a transcension from their peacetime "garrison" mission, providing legal services only in the traditional areas of military justice, claims, legal assistance, and administrative law, to their current practice--a military legal discipline that encompasses all U.S.