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a.1.Done as from a copy; having the style or appearance of a transcription.
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The author, Seth Jacobowitz, beautifully demonstrates the process of the unification of speech and writing (genbun itchi) from the angle of media history, and successfully highlights the importance of transcriptive realism (shajitsu shugi) in the making of modern Japanese literary style.
Besides, CD31 transcriptive activity was elevated so that the wound could obtain more blood supply and nutrition for generation of collagen fibers and growth of granulation tissues.
While it is possible that Hanson saw the prose and ballad versions as accurate histories, and thus saw the two versions as having a purely transcriptive worth, it is more likely that their real importance for Hanson's family lie in the moral lessons the ballads contained.
The transcriptive activity of ZmCLO7 was only detected in seedling shoot and mature leaf, and that of ZmCLO5a was only identified in seed and silk.