Transfer table

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(Railroad) Same as Traverse table. See under Traverse.

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One wonderfully floated ball over the top found Cutrone, who in turn squared to Neto for Wolves' opening goal on the night, It was a goal made on the summer transfer table.
A transfer table of Premier League spenders was produced this week and Newcastle were rock bottom.
23, 2014, a worker at the mill was working on the winder of paper machine number eight, waiting for a finished roll of paper to be ejected from the winder onto a transfer table.
Hence, clubs are rarely forced to the transfer table if they are intent on refusing a transfer.
To ensure proper container orientation for filling, capping and label application, a single filing module for the Model 108 depalletizer maintains container/handle direction as bottles or jugs are transferred from the bulk transfer table to the bottle conveyor.
Time they told Wenger that a club of Arsenal's stature and rude financial health should be dining at the lavish end of the transfer table.
The layer is automatically lifted and placed squarely upon the previous layer, and the transfer table returns to the start position for the next layer.
Professor David Warner, Swansea Met's vice-chancellor, said: "We are absolutely delighted to once again top this knowledge transfer table.
Even three years after relegation and a resulting painful period of prudent belt-tightening, Boro remain firmly entrenched up in the top half of the all-time Premier League transfer table.
The head moves a step for each inlet and when all the guides have been filled, it deposits a layer of bottles on the transfer table. Lowering and shifting the preforming heads are carried out by brushless motors.