a.1.Flowing or running across or through; as, a transfluent stream.
2.(Her.) Passing or flowing through a bridge; - said of water.
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Such transfluent energy is good for all parties involved, and satisfies a deep need of wild places.
26, 1999--INSpire Insurance Solutions (Nasdaq:NSPR) announced today a five-year software licensing agreement to provide TransFluent, the company's electronic data interface translation software, to Cameron Mutual Insurance Co.
The design of the TransFluent solution enables an insurance company to establish interface with any agency management system.
TransFluent enables insurance companies to map data to internal systems from external agencies and convert data from legacy systems to Year 2000-compliant systems.
will remain the base of operations for TransFluent product implementation and support and related new product development.
The addition of TransFluent to INSpire's software arsenal enhances our ability to provide comprehensive solutions that keep insurance companies competitive, responsive, cost-efficient and state-of-the-art.