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a.1.More than human; superhuman.
Words may not tell of that transhuman change.
- H. F. Cary.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Personal development in this techno-optimistic paradigm has a more complex efficacy, meaning that there are already various devices (AR or VR glasses), as well as many apps on smartphones, or in the form of podcasts or online journal options, that can help individuals maximize their personal development--towards a transhuman condition.
ROBOTS for sex, transhumans and creepy Snapchat filter masks made for some truly bizarre and concerning telly this week.
(150) Another consideration is the notion that in a world where the majority of workers are enhanced or transhuman, an unenhanced or "natural" worker will be viewed as disabled.
However, science is also presented as responsible for the creation of a new transhuman identity from the diseased and imperfect matter the human being is considered to be in both biblical and traditional scientific terms.
Afya cuisine opens space for reconstituting the ex situ feminine soul of the culinary site, enabling natural and feminine practices in free experimentation and re-signification of their own ground of constitution of alterity, their bodies, the mediators themselves in the horizon of relations of transhuman sociability, from a creative, idiosyncratic cuisine, devoted to others as some form of self-discovery and in expansion, after all, according to Carlos Alberto Doria: (20)
Movements attract countermovements, and Herold covers the opponents of transhuman transformation too.
The themes are disability histories and sociocultural foundations; (re)presenting and performing disability; local meets global and global meets local; constructing and transitioning through pedagogy, and transmodern, transhuman, and posthuman explorations.
See also proaction transhuman. and www.
This sketched-out demise of the West is compounded by a prophesied posthuman or transhuman technofuture.
Bainbridge, William S., 2005, "The Transhuman Heresy", Journal of Evolution & Technology 14(2), August 2005, pp.
THERE ARE STILL OTHER LIMITS THAT no promise of transhuman change can overcome.