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These clays transhumanists talk a lot about subcutaneous data ports, permanent immersion in virtual reality, even extending male life spans by removing the gonads.
I would be alarmed if children were biotechnologically modified in ways that eliminated the capacity for love or sociability, for example, as transhumanists sometimes envision.
Technolibertarians: Extropians, transhumanists, sci-fi-fans, they strive to transcend humanity's meat-puppet limitations and take self-determination to the final frontier.
The transhumanists were obsessed with the prospect of reconfiguring the human species and the rest of the natural world through genetic modification, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology.
But a growing band of scientists and philosophers calling themselves transhumanists believe biological boundaries can and should be pushed back, allowing humans to live to 200, 300, 1,000 and maybe even longer.
Some transhumanists wish to give up the body altogether, migrating into a virtual existence, using swarms of nanobots to manifest physically when need arises.
Transhumanists view human nature as a work-in-progress, a half-baked beginning that we can learn to remold in desirable ways.
Molecular biologists are the stars of this show, and they are backed by a cast of thousands: venture capitalists, biotech entrepreneurs, adoring science journalists and moonstruck bioethics advisers--not to mention an enthusiastic chorus line of transhumanists, Extropians, cryonicists, Raelians and freelance cloners.
They seek hi-tech means of overcoming the human condition, usually referring to themselves as transhumanists, posthumanists or extropians.
Rubins major concern is with the contemporary transhumanists (the term he chooses to cover a variety of what from his standpoint are similar positions) who both predict and encourage the overcoming of man.
This position is strongly advocated by groups such as transhumanists, bio-hackers, and quantified "selfers" that promote self-emancipation through technology.