v. t.1.To make more than human; to purity; to elevate above humanity.
Souls purified by sorrow and self-denial, transhumanized to the divine abstraction of pure contemplation.
- Lowell.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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to transhumanize: the passing beyond the human condition, which is
transhumanize. However, the syncopated gestural process becomes
This historical and existential abyss will go on to saturate his last collection, Transhumanize and Organize (1971), where on the one hand the extreme experimentalism of form unveils a profound realization of the futility of poetry and on the other its inescapable attraction.
both courts of Heaven in their reality." (lines 94-96) Here again, that is, our traveler has managed to "transhumanize"--as Musa renders trasumanar, Dante's remarkable neologism from Canto I, line 70.
Singleton explains how, in the penultimate canto, the newcomer to the Celestial Rose discovers he's "been seeing by reflected light all the while." Such a process of discovery makes a natural correlation with the Pilgrim's continuing need to transhumanize; as he approaches each new aspect of the Divine Plan, he must first habituate himself to some smaller-scale model.