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A cheap rundown hotel or boarding house.


(Social Welfare) slang US and Canadian a cheap lodging house, esp one used by tramps. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): dosshouse



n., pl. -hous•es (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
a cheap, run-down hotel or rooming house.
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Noun1.flophouse - a cheap lodging house
lodging house, rooming house - a house where rooms are rented


[ˈflɒphaʊs] N (flophouses (pl)) [ˈflɒphaʊzɪz] (US) → pensión f de mala muerte, fonducha f


n (dated US inf) → billige Absteige, Penne f
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Commercial and leisure transient hotel room demand is expected to stay pretty strong, whereas group demand is a bit dicey," said John O'Neill, director of the School of Hospitality Management at Penn State University.
While the pace of economic recovery remains an overhang on some segments, particularly group travel, we're seeing business and leisure transient hotel demand remain robust, particularly in most of the U.
Advance corporate transient hotel bookings in North America are trending .
The more transient hotel workers are either 'seekers' or management.
Custom Hotel is the firm's first transient hotel property and is located at the southwest corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Manchester Avenue in Westchester near Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista and Los Angeles International Airport.
Espada's jobs have ranged from desk clerk in a transient hotel to tenant lawyer.
recognized a need in both the upscale extended-stay and mid-priced transient hotel segments in the growing Toronto Airport Corporate Centre area," said Phil Cordell, Global Head, Focused Service Brands Hilton Worldwide.
We believe corporate housing should be in reach to anyone who desires a different kind of extended stay lodging experience beyond a transient hotel.
The community activist group Soho Alliance said it plans to challenge the transient hotel status of Trump Soho, at 246 Spring Street, by taking its fight to the New York State Appellate Division.
Leveraging transient hotel programs with a meetings hotel program is expected to enable companies to have visibility in both areas and drive savings.
Today, the property consists of 125 transient hotel rooms and 101 residential units.
Our hotel was developed as an intimate, transient hotel that caters to the traveler; thus, we find that guest rooms with stunning views of Central Park are more valuable and provide a greater return [than] would event space in its place," said Dianna Tarallo, public relations manager at the hotel.

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