Transition zone

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zone de transition d'un film
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The purpose of this study was to determine the exact role of residual thermal energy in MWA and RFA on the final ablation zone and transition zone and investigate whether the additional damaged zone caused by the residual thermal energy could be dissipated by subsequent cooling-circulation after ablation.
Martin Stankiewicz, GHD's lead design architect for Le Petit Paris, said,"To achieve the client's vision for a vibrant urban neighbourhood, our team proposed a land use strategy that will enhance the area, forming a transition zone between the nearby Place Vendome, currently under construction, and the waterfront boulevard of the Lusail Marina." The masterplan creates a dynamic and stylish urban precinct, drawing on neoclassic rules to link two opposite squares and a connecting high street.
The southern border of the Sahara adjoins the Sahel, the semi-arid transition zone that lies between the Sahara and fertile savannahs farther south.
One of these impurities is the liquid water found in the upper mantle and transition zone, which becomes ice when trapped in a diamond and put under pressure.
District Governor Khuon Saorom on Thursday said that Chhnok Trou commune officials spotted the bulldozers clearing flooded forest within the so called 'transition zone' of the Unesco designated conservation zone.
It is well known that the pressure logarithmic derivative curve has been used to identify true boundary model, but for multiphase flow well testing [13, 14], it is much more complicated, there is a great influence on pressure derivative due to the changes of fluid properties in the transition zone [15-17].
The purpose of this section is to feed the material to the transition zone, not melt it.
Before the procedure, all patients were evaluated by clinical observation with measurement of IPSS and QoL scores, uroflowmetry ([Q.sub.max] and postvoid residual urine), PSA levels, and TRUS examination to calculate prostate volume (total and transition zone volume).
There was evidence of dilated duodenal and jejunal loops reaching a maximum diameter of 3.6 cm with small bowel feces sign proximal to a transition zone at the level of the mid jejunum.
In this study, we evaluated the distribution of NE cells in the prostatic transition zone (TZ), where adenomatous nodules mainly appear, according to the status of the adenoma in the TZ and estimated prostate volume (PV).
Though radiological transition zone is evidenced to be the most reliable sign to evaluate the level of aganglionosis, some studies fail to show matching result of aganglionosis by histopathology.
"In order to resolve the transition zone, scientists had to separate the faint features of the solar wind from the background noise and light sources over 100 times brighter: the background stars, stray light from the sun itself and even dust in the inner solar system," NASA said in the statement.

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