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drive shaft

also drive·shaft (drīv′shăft′)
A rotating shaft that transmits mechanical power from a motor or an engine to a point or region of application.
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Noun1.driveshaft - a rotating shaft that transmits power from the engine to the point of application
drive line, drive line system - mechanism that transmits power from the engine to the driving wheels of a motor vehicle
rotating shaft, shaft - a revolving rod that transmits power or motion
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The steering wheel, dash, door panels, transmission tunnel, centre console and instruments are all trimmed in black faux suede, The seven-inch touchscreen has AppleCarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.
And, though a centre rear passenger is obliged to have their legs either side of the transmission tunnel, the seating position is comfortable.
As for accommodation, it's spacious all round with ample space for three rear passengers despite a wide transmission tunnel while the boot is long if shallow.
The steering wheel, dashboard, door panels, transmission tunnel and centre console are all trimmed in a combination of black Alcantara and perforated leather, with a full leather or full Alcantara trim option available at no additional cost.
Stribling covers motor-mount selection and fabrication, suspension and chassis modifications, aftermarket suspension options, firewall and transmission tunnel modifications, engine management and wiring procedures, fuel systems, exhaust systems, electrical mods and upgrades, and much more.
In fact on the highly elevated transmission tunnel sitting between driver and front seat passenger there were no less than 35 with a further 13 on the overhead control panel.
Other changes include extra soundproofing in the roof, doors, dashboard and transmission tunnel areas.
There is also a transmission tunnel running the length of the car, meaning those sitting in the middle seat have to straddle it.
The story in the rear is a little less pleasing as leg room is a touch tight and a prominent transmission tunnel makes life for a third passenger a bit awkward - but dual-zone climate control ensures the atmosphere in the cabin is always pleasant.
It features a redesigned suspension system that brings a wider track, a feature that provides the GTO-RS' front axle with more grip, a transmission tunnel made of carbon fibre, a redesigned front fascia with model-specific headlights, a wider four-slat grille, and vertical air ducts that help cool the front brakes.
Images show how the 'hide' was in a constructed box within the transmission tunnel.
One consequence of running a transmission tunnel through what has been a rather compact hatch has been rather compromised accommodation.

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