v. t. & i.1.To be, or cause to be, transparent; to appear, or cause to appear, or be seen, through something.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Autre garantie de transpare la haute instance indAaAaAeA@pendante de surveillance des AaAaAeA@lections qui j dAaAaAeA@jAaAaAeA d'e l'expAaAaAeA@rience acquise lors des derniAaAaAeA?res lAaAaAeA@g
Confiscated from OrdoAaAaAeA~ez were two pieces of heat-sealed transpare plastic sachets of suspected shabu weighing 20 grams with an estimated street of P200,000 one motorcycle, and the buy-bust money.
Transpare offers a product registry that highlights key environmental, health, and safety attributes of commercial cleaning products (
I don't know if they've realised, but water on a white T-shirt would make it transpare...
Ei sunt ceilalti, cei care deseori ne strang mana, ne saluta si ne vorbesc frumos: "Sper ca ma considerati prietenul dumneavoastra!" Ochi albastri limpezi, ochi caprui linistitori, nimic nu transpare, iata monstrii adevarati".
Totodata, din ezitarile ce privesc introducerea efectiva a pasapoartelor electronice transpare influenta pe care religia o are asupra factorului politic, asupra deciziei politice, asupra institutiilor statului si asupra politicilor publice dezvoltate de acestea.
Uneori, gandirea logica matematicianului transpare: prezenta e "absenta absentelor".
A more open and transpare nt Chinese economic system is emerging in pace with China's forthcoming entry into the WTO.
The ethical bias of the emblem is particularly transpare with respect to the representation of gender and social ideology insofar as the male and female personifications used in the picturall are invested with a positive or negative value according to the concept they are supposed to convey.
Such systems must perform flawlessly and transpare our day-to-day lives.